Breast Cancer Long Read Transcriptome

This web portal provides tools for querying, visualizing, and downloading data from a collection of breast cancer samples profiled by full-length RNA sequencing (PacBio SMRT sequencing).

Quick User Guide

Isoforms Tab: query full-length (FL) isoforms and open-reading frames (ORFs) by gene

  1. Summary Tab: overview of FL isoforms and ORFs
  2. Protein Browser Tab: visualize ORF protein features, such as domains, transmembrane regions and MS/MS peptides
  3. Protein Alignment Tab: compare FL isoform to UniProt canonical

IGV Browser Tab

Visualize FL isoforms using the IGV Genome Browser (hg38)


Long-read sequencing reveals the full-length isoform diversity in breast cancer.

Veiga et al., (2020) Submitted.
Developed by Diogo Veiga at the Jacskon Laboratory for Genomic Medicine.

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Transcript sequences

Splice category of full-length transcripts

ORF sequences

ORF identity to Uniprot

Protein Features

Click on the table to display protein features

Results - Protein Features

Protein Sequence Alignment

Click on the table to perform alignment between PacBio ORF and closest Uniprot match.

Results - Pairwise Global Alignment

ORF sequences